People meet in the Prével's Esplanade Cartier public place

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Esplanade Cartier encourage interaction between locals of Sainte-Marie neighbourhood.

The Esplanade Cartier project is as mixed and diverse as the Sainte-Marie neighbourhood itself. The project's placette-or urban square-is designed to encourage interaction between locals and includes a wide range of shops, patios and office spaces. Plus the vast green space is a welcome respite for everyone. This is a project where fist-time buyers and families live side by side, and workers and locals alike stroll the sidewalks- creating a lively space that's safe and secure, day and night.

Esplanade Cartier's phase 1 of 14-storey

A project built on lots

The Esplanade Cartier site will be set on series of lots, launched phase by phase. Each will feature a unique architectural syle, giving the project a sense of diversity from products to clients, usage and more. The first lot divided into two phases is now on the market. Inspired by industry best practices and techniques, we create a sustainable living space for years to come.

Restaurant terrace

A lifestyle that suits you

Esplanade Cartier was built to human scale, and is an homage to urban living. The project's public spaces fit seamlessly within a neighbourhood that's rich in tradition and innovation.

Prevel's Esplanade Cartier unit 615 living room

A home that's just your style

Esplanade Cartier’s commitment to diversity can be found in every unit of the project. From winding staircases or private corridors, to dual-aspect apartments that provide even more natural light, to terraces, every unit has its own unique quality.

L'équipe de Prével en étroite collaboration pour lancer le projet de condos Esplanade Cartier, un projet ouvert et vivant au pied du pont Jacques-Cartier.

A team of experts

A developer, architects, designers, and consultants all came together to create this amibitious project.

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