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Esplanade Cartier is located in a neighbourhood that's always
, and is inspired by the Sainte-Marie districts's lively and eclectic DNA.

Public spaces where everyone is welcome

A neighbourhood bursting with life begins with a dedicated space that's built to bring residents, locals, workers, and others together.

The placette

Esplanade Cartier will feature a placette-the perfect place for everyone in the area to get together, unwind, and enjoy the surrounding area with the iconic Jacques Cartier Bridge in the background.

The park

This vast green space will take up a full 10% of the surface area, and is designed to be used by all those who live and work here. It's an oasis that will provide everyone passing through with a safe and welcoming space to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

The Project House

This community space was created for residents to get together, share ideas, and continue to build the community together over the years.

Project sketch

City life at its finest

Not only is Prével dedicated to building beautiful living spaces, we’re also committed to reflecting and energizing the unique character of the neighbourhoods where our projects are located.

Esplanade Cartier gave us a new opportunity to extend this commitment through the co-creation of public spaces with experts and local stakeholders.

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