A first islet built to
human scale

Vue de la première phase d'Esplanade Cartier depuis la placette

The first two phases are launched!

To create a safe and welcoming living space, the two first phases of Esplanade Cartier opted to design a mixed-use site, featuring residential units, local stores, and public spaces. The first lot of the project is located at the corner of St-Catherine Street East and Parthenais, just 4 minutes walk of Papineau Metro station.

No detail has been overlooked in the design of the project to ensure every Esplanade Cartier resident feels like a valued part of the community.

  • Phase 1 to include 114 units on 14 floors
  • Phase 2 to include 162 units on 7 floors
  • The first phase will target LEED certification
  • Commercial spaces and terraces on the ground floor
  • Welcoming common areas
Prével's Esplanade Cartier public place

A thoughtful architecture

We’ve designed the building on different levels. From the sidewalk, pedestrians can see only the first three storeys, while higher levels are tucked away at the back of the building. The result is a less cluttered and more inviting view from the ground.

As well, instead of building on a single block, the project has been divided into distinct areas to create living spaces that mimic the architecture of the area. This gives Esplanade Cartier its distinct neighbourhood feel.

Prevel's Esplanade Cartier unit 222 kitchen

Esplanade Cartier condos

Accessible up winding staircases or through private corridors, or featuring a dual-aspect design for even more natural light, each unit has its own unique quality.

  • Approximately nine-foot ceilings
  • Large windows
  • Heating system with digital thermometer
  • Air conditioning

Finishings for everyone's taste

Our large selection of sustainable interior finishes created according to the latest interior design and manufacturing standards let you personalize your new condo from flooring to cabinets, countertops, tiles, and more. Stop by our sales office to see all the unique touches we have to offer.

  • Choice of quartz countertops
  • High cabinets with metallic structure design
  • Choice of ceramic
  • Wall mirror and medicine cabinet.
  • Vanity with storage and choice of finishes
Illustration showing two people moving to Esplanade Cartier project.

Units offering plenty of variety

Each of the project's units has been meticulously designed to optimize floor space, maximize light, and provide a sense of openness in your new condo. Choose the floor plan that best suits your individual needs.

Esplanade Cartier , a project signed by Prével, is made up of mixed-use spaces-including residential units, shops, and offices-to promote diversity

A lively living space

Esplanade Cartier's placette-or urban squarre-is designed as a place where people from the neighbourhood can come together. The project will also feature a public green space that's perfect for enjoying a wide range of activities.

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