Our Vision for the Project’s Site Plan

Get more details on our vision for the project’s central park, public square, shared streets and architecture. A project built on six lots.

Esplanade Cartier: be a part of it right from the start

A living environment inspired by best practices in sustainable development is taking shape near the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Esplanade Cartier is banking on mixed-use spaces, social diversity, and active transportation to revitalize this part of the Sainte-Marie neighbourhood.

  • Supporting new businesses
  • Public Spaces
  • Sustainable Mobility
Vocation commerciale Esplanade Cartier

The Commercial Side

Breathing new life into Sainte-Catherine Street

Esplanade Cartier will play a key role in revitalizing the entire sector by extending the offer of the small, attractive shops on Sainte-Catherine Street. The influx of new residents will contribute considerably to supporting the businesses on Montréal’s legendary east-west artery. Well-established shops and new businesses alike will benefit from this new clientele.

Public Spaces

Open to all

Integrating a public square with an unobstructed view of the Jacques Cartier Bridge is at the very heart of the project. Playing host to a wide variety of dynamic activities and spontaneous performances, this public space will benefit both current and future community members, including residents, businesses, and community organizations. A fun layout and diverse programming will bring the space to life throughout the day and according to the seasons.

mobilité durable

Sustainable Mobility

Accessibility is key

Esplanade Cartier was designed to meet the primary principles of sustainable mobility. The project is strategically located: the neighbourhood is served by a network of buses and is just a five-minute walk from the Papineau métro station. In the future, we hope residents will also benefit from a new public transit network in the area. And being so close to the Jacques Cartier Bridge makes it easy to enjoy the attractions of île Sainte-Hélène, or walk or cycle to the South Shore.

Esplanade cartier Tour d'horizon

Stronger together

Prével is a family business with several large-scale projects under its belt—projects that have positively transformed numerous Montréal neighbourhoods.

In a few years, we hope that Esplanade Cartier will become a choice destination to live, work, and play. It was by putting the human aspect at the heart of our work that we developed Esplanade Cartier—a project that will bring current and future Montrealers together.

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