The layouts and finishes offered

Your condo finishes are a bit like the cherry on top of the sundae. From the cabinet doors to engineered-wood or ceramic floors, Prével projects are known for the use of high-end materials and design . . . and Esplanade Cartier is no exception.

To customize your living space, nothing beats seeing the materials with your own eyes. Simply stop by our sales office and discover what we have on offer. Until then, here is a sneak peek of some of our suggested layouts and décors.

A timeless, contemporary style for today and tomorrow

We design our condos with a fresh style, which will stand the test of time. The various materials and the colour palette provide a distinctive look but are classic enough never to go out of fashion.

High standards

Esplanade Cartier’s units showcase Prével’s high-end design standards, while still offering unbeatable value for your money: a tour de force the entire team is proud of.

For example, kitchens are equipped with panel-ready appliances: this means they feature a front panel that matches kitchen cabinetry, blending into the décor for a more contemporary, refined look. Each kitchen also includes a cooktop and wall oven, once again designed with aesthetics and modernity in mind.

A fashionable colour palette

As the renderings show, the colours of the various elements are both subtle and contemporary. They are further enhanced by the choice of materials, such as the matte and luxurious finish on the Serica cabinet doors.

Kitchen details at a glance

The modern, high metal cupboard creates a linear pattern with the ceiling cabinets. The large square tile backsplash mimics a single piece of stone. You can also choose small square tiles, an updated version of the classic Métro tile. Last, the concrete ceiling brings an interesting industrial edge to the space.

Esplanade Cartier’s kitchen with “Fjord” finish choices

Bathroom details at a glance

A quartz counter sets the tone, giving the space a high-end aesthetic. The ceramic tiles cover the bathtub for a more modern style, also making the room appear bigger.

Specially designed for Prével, the bathtub is larger than a standard tub. The exposed plumbing fixtures, such as the rain shower head and hand-held shower, add an interesting retro feel.

Last, the off-centre sink offers counter space for beauty products, and for two-open cabinets in the vanity.

Esplanade Cartier’s bathroom with “Avoine” finish choices

And the floors?

Engineered-wood floors are the preferred choice for condos. Our floors come in seven shades and three species—cherry wood, oak, or real walnut. The natural wood grain brings a warm and authentic touch to the décor.

Another bonus

Our designers’ choices were made to wow you, but every element was selected with durability and ease of maintenance in mind, so that you can fully enjoy them every day.

Want to learn more? Visit our sales office to see the finishes in person or to speak with one of our consultants.

Renowned interior designers

Prével has been collaborating with Gavreau Design for years now. This young, dynamic and creative team never fails to exceed our standards in terms of style, ergonomics, and quality.