A residential et commercial project driven by public spaces

Over and above working with concrete, Prével’s goal has always been to add to urban development through the creation of spaces that promote human interaction. Esplanade Cartier is no exception. As a resident, you are so much more than a homeowner. You will be in a unique position to take full advantage of the day-to-day life of this diverse community.

The many flavours of the diversity

To create a vibrant and varied living space, Esplanade Cartier opted to design a mixed-use site, featuring residential units, local stores, offices, and more. This will help promote diversity and add an additional layer of energy to the area.

At the heart of the project is a space where workers stroll the sidewalk with locals, first-time buyers live next to families with roots in the area, and neighbours can meet up on the placette’s many patios and urban green spaces. This provides everyone with a safe and welcoming community, day and night.

A project built for humans

Esplanade Cartier is not only designed to fit seamlessly with Saint-Marie’s architecture, it will also feature public spaces that are built for human interaction and an homage to urban life.

Every part of the project—from the building to the placette to the park—is designed to be at one with the surrounding neighbourhood.

The placette

Esplanade Cartier’s placette—or urban square—will feature local shops and is set to be a place where people can get together in the heart of the project. The space’s ground-floor boutiques will add to the neighbourhood’s existing commercial offering and vibrant life along Saint-Catherine street.

The placette will also serve as the gateway to the project, encouraging people to sit and stay awhile with friends and neighbours. The inviting and welcoming space will be an ideal site to host a variety of activities, temporary exhibits, and more.

The park

The addition of a park ensures the continuity of green spaces in the neighbourhood. Not only will the park open onto surrounding streets, it will also create inviting public gathering places for residents and office workers alike and invite spontaneous interactions between everyone who uses the area.

Le parc

Le parc assure quant à lui la continuité des espaces verts du secteur. Ouvert sur les rues adjacentes, il crée des espaces publics invitants pour les résidents tout comme pour les travailleurs des bureaux adjacents, et il favorise les rencontres spontanées de tous les gens du quartier.

Urban densification that’s full of life

The more people who live and work in an area, the better local businesses can prosper and the livelier the neighbourhood becomes. As a resident of Esplanade Cartier, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the shops, patios, and offices along the placette, as well as the commercial offering all along Saint-Catherine street.

As the project continues to grow and expand, you’ll also discover new and exciting elements that will continue to add to the neighbourhood’s unique way of life.